Various waveforms: sine, square, triangle, ramp, rise index, fall index and etc.
TTL signal output
The frequency counter function with frequency range up to 100MHz.
AM, sweep frequency and other waveform modulation.
Six digits display of frequencies, three digits display of amplitude.
The frequency accuracy reaches 10mHz.
Long-term stability of 50ppm, short-term stability of 1ppm.
SMT process

Technical Data   EM33030A EM33050A EM33100A EM33200A
Main output Output frequency 0.1Hz3MHz 0.1Hz5MHz 0.1Hz10MHz 0.1Hz20MHz
sine0.1Hzupper limitsquare0.1Hz3MHzother wave0.1Hz1MHz
Output waveforms sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, pulse wave, ramp wave, rise index, fall index and etc.
Output impedance 50Ω±10%
Output amplitude 10mVp-p20Vp-p(1MΩ Load)
Attenuation Range 0dB/20dB/40dB/60dB
DC offset -10V+10V(1MΩ Load)
Duty Cycle 20%80%
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz
Frequency accuracy 1Hz(3kHz) 0.01Hz (3kHz)
Amplitude error ±5%(1kHz,Triangle,20Vp-p)
Sine Amplitude - frequency characteristics -55dB(20kHz),-50dB(20kHz1MHz)-40dB(1MHz10MHz)-30dB(10MHz20MHz
Square Rise time 25ns
Triangle Linearity  0.2%(1kHz)
Ramp Linearity  0.2%(1kHz)
Ext. AM Input impedance 1kΩ
Modulation depth  100 (6Vpp input)
Sweep Sweep type linear sweeplog sweep
TTL Low level 0.4V
High level 3.5V
Rise or fall time 50ns
Output impedance 1kΩ±10%
Counter Frequency range 1Hz100MHz
Input impedance 10kΩ±10%
Sensitivity 500mVpp
Accuracy 1%±3digit
Max input voltage 10Vp-p
Display Frequency 6 digits LED
Amplitude 3 digits LED
Protection   Short circuit, Over current, Current reverse protection
Power supply   110/220VAC±10%50Hz/60Hz±4%
Dimensions   32(D)×28(W)×10(H)cm (handle excluded)
Weight   2.7kg


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DDS Function Generator